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AKOBI LAAROYE (DEVIL’S FIRST-SON) is a power packed movie, that exposes some deep secrets of the Devil, some slimy ways he comes in to deceive and to destroy but you will be empowered on how you can watch and pray as a child of God and ultimately defeat the enemy. A well acted movie with beautiful cinematography. Written and produced by Victor Olukoju. Beautiful acting from Ayoola Omolara Pmh, Isaac Femi Akintunde, Kayode Babalola and other anointed ministers. Please share and be blessed. GreatMovies4U on our YouTube Channel, The Essence TV and free subscription for more exclusive movies on WWW.THEESSENCETV.COM To Support this work, please pay into the Producer’s Bank Account. Victor Olukoju 2015275800 UBA. NIGERIA It will go a long way in helping with the Part 2 of this project that is starting in few months. Thanks

Jonah was a messenger in the Bible, God sent him to speak to the people of Nineveh about an impending danger but what did he do? he went in an opposite direction from his assignment. In this classic written and produced by Kayode Babalola aka KayBabs of JOGAM pictures, an epic movie creatively directed by David Kola Okeowo is a MESSENGER whose assignment is very critical but will the messenger see the importance of his assignment? A beautiful acting from Dedun Muyiwa Oyin-Adejobi and other anointed ministers. This is a must see Yoruba movie fully subtitled in English for non Yoruba speakers. A big Thank you to Evang Kayode Bablola for releasing this movie on The Essence TV Youtube channel. Please feel free to share with your contacts and subscribe. Other movie from this producer and other creative Christian filmmakers, FREE subscription on www.theessencetv.com

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