Somerset Earthquake With 3.2 Magnitude Hits Taunton, Yeovil And Bridgewater

A 3.2 magnitude earthquake struck Somerset with reports of houses rattling after the tremor.

The quake struck Bridgwater, north east of Taunton, at 10.49pm on Thursday, according to the British Geological Survey (BGS). The effects were felt in several towns and villages in Somerset, it added.

Reports submitted to the BGS said houses had rattled and one person ‘physically felt my bed shake’. Julia Thompson wrote on Twitter: ‘Just experienced my 1st #earthquake in #Barrington #Somerset. A definite rumble, the bed vibrated and my tea cups on the side rattled.

‘My blood ran cold…it could have been a big lorry passing on the road outside but it felt like it came up from the foundations.’ The epicentre was near Taunton but it could be felt for many miles around (Picture: BGS) Sandra Buckley said: ‘We have just had an earthquake here in Taunton Somerset and in surrounding areas.

Pictures were shaking on walls and it’s a bit scary.’ Another user added: ‘Anyone else feel a small earthquake? Low faint rumble, and my whole bed shook.

First time I’ve ever experienced that.’ Ray said: ‘My bedroom windows shook instantaneously and it felt like a big bird had hit it. We live in Taunton 20 miles from Yeovil. Wondered what the hell it was.’ Cathie Turnell said: ‘House shook.. windows and radiators vibrated, sounded like a small explosion and lasted a few seconds! Very scary.

News reports are suggesting magnitude 4.5….epicentre in Yeovil! Who’d have thought!’ It was initially recorded as having a 4.5 magnitude, but that was later downgraded to 3.2.   The BGS posted on social media that the earthquake had been felt in several towns and villages across the county. It said on Twitter:

‘BGS have received several reports of the event being felt in several towns and villages in Somerset. ‘Reports described ‘whole house rattled’, ‘physically felt my bed shake’… ‘… ‘a low rumble’, ‘house gave a short cracking sound’ and ‘big rumble and house was given a definite shove’, indicating an intensity of at least 3 EMS.’

The earthquake is the latest to be felt in the UK following a series of tremors in Surrey and Lancashire. A 2.5-magnitude quake, centred on Newdigate near Gatwick Airport, struck in May, following a 3.0-magnitude earthquake on February 27, a 2.0-magnitude tremor on February 19 and 2.4 and 0.2 quakes on February 14.

Energy company Cuadrilla, which has been fracking for shale gas at its site at Preston New Road, in Lancashire, was forced to suspend work in August after a series of tremors. The BGS is asking residents to fill in a questionnaire on its website to record what they experienced.

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